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I posted a new song!

2011-04-12 14:33:40 by AirbagWarning

Yes I did but not many people like it very much, I think that I should have just deleted the beginning all together, either way I will probably be posting a new track quite soon. This next one is a mix of 5 different songs and I've been holding on to it for a while.

I posted a new song!

I should work on a flash

2011-03-13 16:55:58 by AirbagWarning

maybe I might upload a song since the one song i have got an okay rating but whatevs

Yo Mama Style

2010-05-02 15:56:07 by AirbagWarning

The Attack(Yo Mama Style) just came out. So watch it or soon you will say "OMIGOD Mah Nutsack!"


2010-04-21 22:14:35 by AirbagWarning

Its out. Billiard.


2010-04-20 02:04:50 by AirbagWarning

I'm working on an animation something along the lines of 1 minute.
*hint* its about groins! *hint*

My boi.

2010-01-02 16:43:50 by AirbagWarning

Awwright! The flash is up. I have a lot of unreleased stuff from a long time ago but I doubt I would actually post it. I'll probably work on something new. Probably something longer than 21 seconds.